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American University of Complementary Medicine
KiIko Matsumoto, L. Ac.

Japanese Kiiko-Style Acupuncture for
Liver Health (Sat.) & Longevity (Sun.)

July 28 - 29, 2007
West Los Angeles
15 CEU Hours,
pending approval by the California Acupuncture Board

On the first day of this two-day seminar, Ms. Matsumoto-Euler, L.Ac., will discuss the critical importance in Japanese acupuncture of the health of the Liver for the overall functioning of the body and mind. She will describe and demonstrate effective diagnostic and and treatment strategies for persons suffering from various disharmonies of the Liver, including Liver toxicity, Hepatitis, Oketsu, and many others.

On the second day, Ms. Matusumoto-Euler, L.Ac., will discuss and demonstrate Japanese diagnostic and acupuncture treatment techniques to retard aging and promote longevity, to achieve optimal physical and mental health and to maintain youthfulness.

Kiiko Matsumoto-Euler is a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Massachusetts who graduated from acupuncture school in Japan. She returns to her native Japan annually to study with Japanese Masters and has trained with Masters Kawaii, Manago, Ito, and others. A master acupuncturist in her own right, she is the author of four books on acupuncture, including her recently accalimed, Clinical Acupunture Strategies, Vol. 1.

Saturday & Sunday

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(Registration at 8:30)
July 28 - 29, 2007
Center for the Health Sciences
2nd Floor Conference Room (23-105)
10833 Le Conte. Ave.
Westwood, CA

From the 405 Freeway, exit on Wilshire Blvd. East, go several blocks, take a left (north) on Westwood Blvd., and then a right (east) on Le Conte. Go to the stoplight, turn left into the Medical Center complex, and pay $7 for parking at the kiosk Ask for directions to the Biomed Library. This auditorium is on the left on the same hallway as the Biomed Library.

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