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Continuing Education Units, pending approval by the California Acupuncture Board. This exciting 660-hour Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner Certificate Program specifically focuses upon professional development for acupuncturists, chiropractors, bodyworkers, spa professionals, and yoga teachers. Taught by a licensed professional who has practiced Ayurveda in California for the last seven years in health clinics and spa settings, the program is designed to teach healthcare, spa, and yoga professionals hands-on techniques for immediate integration of Ayurveda in their practices. Some professionals say that the program has transformed their practices. Highly motivated and interested newcomers to the healthcare field are also welcome in the program, if they want a hands-on, no-nonsense approach to Ayurveda for Westerners. Many courses count toward therapeutic massage training necessary for licensure in most municipalities in California. Americans are increasingly becoming aware of the profound benefits of this ancient East Indian form of medicine, which uses herbs, lifestyle counseling, nutrition and food, hatha and meditational yoga, special cleansing and detoxification procedures, and rejuvenation regimes to create radiant health and well-being. “John (Holmstrom) is a well-spring teacher who understands Ayurveda within yoga and  tantra and as a universal science of life from his own devotion and embodied experience over the past decades, long before Ayurveda was known in the West. Drink from John's well and your life will benefit! Blessings to you!” Yoga Teacher Shiva Rea Ayurvedic authors and teachers, Bob and Melanie Sachs, say of Mr. Holmstrom: “He is probably one of the most qualified Western representatives of Ayurveda in America. In his commitment to teaching and serving others, he has continued his education and widened his practice so that more students and clients benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience he embodies.”

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