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Jeffrey Yuen 2014 Schedule

- Los Angeles 2014:

**April 25-28, 2014**

Divergent Channels: According to the Su Wen, wind is the origin of the “one hundred Diseases.” In modern times, infectious agents are becoming resistant to all pharmaceuticals and the importance of our ability to treat wind diseases is coming to the forefront. Both in serious acute diseases and in many chronic diseases, wind pathology will attempt to attack the internal organs. The body will then make every effort to divert the pathogen from the internal organs. It does this primarily through the divergent channels. As a result, the divergent channels are highly involved in almost every chronic degenerative disease. Working with divergent channels is one of the best techniques for reversing these diseases, as well as helping to fight severe acute infections. In this series, Jeffrey Yuen will explore divergent channel theory both from the classics and how it relates to our modern understanding of physiology. He will review the entire divergent channel system and discuss the types of pathologies that each of these channels tends to be involved in, how we diagnose such pathologies and how we treat them. The course will have both theoretical and practical components. On practical days, Jeffrey will treat patients and will review diagnostic techniques such as pulse diagnosis. Treatments will focus on the use of herbal medicine, acupuncture, essential oils and dietary therapy.

**September 26-29, 2014**
LOCATION: Hilton Garden Inn
4200 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


- San Francisco 2014:

**June 21-23, 2014**

Male Fertility: One of the little known secrets of treating couples with infertility is that male factor infertility contributes to at least half of the cases. A 2012 study in the British Medical Journal showed that out of close to 5,000 men, only 1 in 4 men had optimal semen quality. Despite this, a disproportionate amount of fertility treatments are focused on the female. Rather than addressing the underlying problems, the definitions of "normal" sperm are simply updated to reflect that poor semen quality is now “normal” and in many cases it is not sufficient to achieve a natural pregnancy. In this course, Jeffrey Yuen will discuss the treatment of males to optimize their reproductive capacity and treat a variety of conditions that lead to subfertility. Some of these conditions include: poor motility, poor morphology, poor count (including strategies to treat azoospermia), DNA fragmentation, varicoceles, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and hormonal issues. From a Chinese medicine standpoint Jeffrey will be exploring the preservation and optimization of jing including strategies for replenishing jing, removing pathogenic factors from the jing level and treating a variety of stagnations that can occur at various levels to affect male reproductive function and libido.

**November 15-17, 2014**

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