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Jeffrey Yuen in San Fransico/ Oakland Bay Bridge

American University of Complementary Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen

Dec. 7 - 9, 2013

ABORM Approved!!

22.5 CEU Hours in Category I, pending approval by the CA Acupuncture Board

"Pathogenesis and Prevention of Female Reproductive Cancers: A Chinese Medicine Approach"

Reproductive cancers are reaching epic levels in our society. With the incredible amount of endocrine disrupting chemicals and the popularity of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), hormone replacement therapies (HRT) and so forth, women are being exposed to a wide variety of compounds that greatly increase their risks of developing or advancing reproductive cancers. In this class, Jeffrey Yuen will discuss the pathogenesis of reproductive cancers and how we can interfere with this process to minimize the risk of our patients developing reproductive cancers. He will be focusing on Ovarian, Uterine, Cervical (and Breast) cancers. On Day 1 he will discuss the pathogenesis of reproductive cancers from a Chinese medicine perspective and how various drugs used in ART and HRT can influence this. On Day 2 he will discuss diagnostic techniques to help identify patients that are at risk for developing reproductive cancers, including diagnosis by looking (body types), palpation (both pulse diagnosis and body palpation) and tongue diagnosis. Day 3 is the practicum where he will demonstrate on patients and members of the class and class participants will also be able to check pulses.

If you are interested in volunteering or have patients you would like to volunteer for the class, please contact Joseph Chai at aucm.org@gmail.com.

1800 Powell Street
Emeryville, CA 94608

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Reservations can be made directly with the Hotel room reservation department by calling their direct number at (510) 658-9300 or via the link below. In doing so, please ask for the group rate under "American University of Complementary Medicine".



Fee Schedule

Postmarked by Nov. 14, 2013
Licensed Acupuncturists/ Non-Students
Three Days $635
Two Days $475
One Day $315

Postmarked after Nov. 14, 2013
Licensed Acupuncturists/ Non-Students
Three Days $685
Two Days $525
One Day $365

Unlicensed Oriental Medical students can receive a $50 discount on the above prices.

Make checks, credit card payments, or Money Orders payable to "AUCM" and mail or fax with completed form below to:

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Tel: (310) 550-7445, Fax: (310) 550-0543

Refund Policy: 80 % before Nov. 21, 2013; None Thereafter. It is not possible to transfer registrations from event to event or person to person.

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Pathogenesis and Prevention of Female Reproductive Cancers
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Recent seminar comments from students:

Jeffrey's classes always go above and beyond what is listed as the topic. His lectures are always more in-depth than anyone would expect. Always super!
- J. Cheng L.Ac.

Qi Gong is great for me and Jeffrey is such a great teacher for this! Need more Qi Gong classes!
- R. Shih L.Ac.

Thank you! I really appreciate the theoretical information as well as the practical applications.
- G. Kreiger L.Ac.

Illuminating to understand what is behind the moves of Qi Gong.
- M. Tombelaine L.Ac.

This course has been amazing! Seems like maybe one day is not enough to cover everything. Would be great to have additional tongue diagnosis classes. Thank you so much!
- Student

This is exactly what I have been wanting!
- G. Miller, 3rd year acupuncture student.

Excellent! Instruction came from a deep source of Knowledge.
- K. Hedayat M.D.

He's amazing!
- D. Levoy L.Ac.

Thank you so very much for your time and information. I so appreciate all you do for the field of Chinese Medicine. You Rock!!
- M. Ivey L.Ac.

Enjoyed tremendously, very meaningful and helpful! Many Thanks!
- J. Borden, DDS

Grateful and inspired by Jeffrey's teachings, as always!
- E. Robert L.Ac.

Jeffrey is a treasured resource in our profession and it is always an honor and pleasure to study with him.
- Student

There in nothing I could say that would do justice to his brilliance. A living treasure!

His brilliant, inspiring lectures are unsurpassed.
- G. Devlin L.Ac

Amazing Calligraphy! Hats off to all involved who made it happen. Thank you Jeffrey, here's to wellness!!
- Student

Thank you for sharing your time, heart & wisdom. Very meaningful & appreciated by me.
- L. Drango L.Ac

Unparalleled! Outstanding!
- J. Houston L.Ac

Loved the Ethics day! Thank You! :)
- D. Keefe L.Ac

Jeffrey is an International Treasure!
- Student

Lots of fun and wonderful!!!
- K. Williams L.Ac

Thank you, Jeffrey for your extraordinary wisdom & knowledge and all that you do to share it!
- Student

Jeffrey is a true gift.
- L. Gibile L.Ac

Thank you so much to Jeffrey & the school coordinators for pulling all the pieces & tools together. It was a great engaging & even challenging experience. :)
- K. Uejo, Acupuncture Student

Can't say enough great things about learning from Jeffrey!
- Anita P. L.Ac

- E. Robert L.Ac

Jeffrey's talks always further & deepen my understanding of Chinese Medicine.
- T. Evans L.Ac

The Greatest Course!! Thanks a lot!!!
- F. Leonard L.Ac

Jeffrey's knowledge & articulation is beyond measure. Thank you for bringing him out.
- J. Jackson L.Ac

What can you say about a Living Treasure?

After over 15 years of study with Jeffrey, I never fail to be amazed by the depth of his knowledge and the kindness of his heart.
- D. Chan L.Ac

Contact: AUCM
Email: info@aucm.org
Phone: 310-550-7445