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Classical Chinese Herbal Program (Saturday and Sunday)

Plus Little-Known Energetics of the Lungs & Large Intestines Primary Meridians (Friday and Monday)

Dates & Times: Friday through Monday, March 20 – 23, 2009,
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. each day.

On March 20 & 23, Dr. Yuen begins a fresh look at the primary channels, the meridians that represent the highways and byways of life lived in a postnatal world. Depicted in classical texts as one long continuous circuit, the primary channels tell the story of the prerequisites and requisites of our postnatal lives in each of three energetic layers. The first layer – comprising the Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, and Spleen meridians – details the necessities for survival, while the second and third layers portray our needs for interaction and differentiation. On Friday, Dr. Yuen will give a brief overview of the primary meridians’ role in the meridian systems of Classical Chinese Medicine and then focus his attention on the Lung Primary Meridian as it initiates postnatal life. On Monday, Dr. Yuen will discuss the physiology, pathophysiology, and psychology of the Large Intestines Primary Meridian.

On March 21 – 22, Dr. Yuen inaugurates a program in Classical Chinese Herbology, teaching material he has never taught before. Shen Nong’s Ben Cao, the earliest extant text on Chinese herbal medicine, describes three classes of herbs: 1) herbs that we should use on a regular basis for prevention; 2) herbs to be used on a restorative basis after illness; and 3) herbs that treat disease. Modern Chinese medicine, however, rarely discusses herbs from the first class -- those that can help us maintain our lives and lifestyles and benefit our community. In this first weekend of the program. Dr. Yuen will discuss herbs used for prevention and for benefit beyond the aspects of therapeutics. He will describe the differential effects some herbs have on persons who are healthy versus those who are ill. He also will present material on some of the incantations used with herbs to focus the power of user’s or prescriber’s intentions.

Jeffrey C. Yuen is the 88th Generation Daoist Master of Yu Ching Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity School), Yellow Emperor/Lao Tzu Sect, ordained by 87th Generation Daoist Master Yu Wen, Jeffrey’s adoptive grandfather. Immersed in the practice and study of Daoism and the classics of Chinese medicine since early childhood, Mr. Yuen offers unparalleled knowledge of the rich, oral traditions that fully integrate physical, psychological, and spiritual facets of the medicine. Mr. Yuen is an esteemed faculty member of the American University of Complementary Medicine, Swedish Institute of Health Sciences, the New England School of Acupuncture, & Daoist Healing Arts, among other schools. He lectures internationally.

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