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American University of Complementary Medicine
Jeffrey C. Yuen
Understanding the Unconscious Meanings of our Postures:
The Sinew Meridians
Plus Practicum

August 23 - 25, 2008

Understanding the Unconscious Meaning of our Postures: The Sinew Meridians (Saturday)

The Sinew channels express our moods and feelings somatically through the physical body. Most of us adopt postures unconsciously, unaware of what we are conveying. When we express feelings outwardly, we are activating the Yang Sinew channels, and when we suppress our feelings, we are using the Yin Sinew channels. On Saturday, Mr. Yuen will describe the meanings, pathways, and usages of the Yang and Yin Sinew channels, and on Sunday and Monday, he will demonstrate pulse-taking and palpation for diagnosis of Sinew Meridian problems, and techniques for their release through sinew meridian release techniques, acupuncture, exercise, massage, nutrition, and herbs. Participants living in or near the Bay area are encouraged to bring in treatment tables for the the practica on both Sunday and Monday, which will facilitate mastery of the techniques.

Pulse & Treatment Practicum
(Sunday and/or Monday) On Sunday and Monday, Mr. Yuen will help participants learn how to take, read, & interpret Sinew Meridian pulses, and then use that pulse information to perform Sinew Meridian treatments and releases, focusing upon Yang Sinew releases on Sunday and Yin Sinew releases on Monday. He also will demonstrate needle techniques especially designed for the Sinew Meridians. Participants may attend Sunday or Monday or both. days. Attendance both days will be limited to 30.

August 23 - 25, 2008
9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday & Sunday
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

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