Sergei Shaginyan, M.D. (Russia), M.S., LAc., *
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  • Western Basic & Clinical Sciences
    MD, Second Moscow Medical School, Specialization: Pediatrics, USSR, 1981
    Internship: Psychiatry, Republican Psychoneurological Hospital of the Ministry of Health of Abkhazian Autonomic Republic, USSR, 1982
    Residency: Pediatric Neurology, Central Medical School of Higher Qualification of Physicians of the USSR, Moscow, USSR, 1985.
    M.S., Oriental Medicine, Samra University of Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles, Calif., 2000.
    Postgraduate Fellowship: Ph.D. Program, Institute of Common Pathology and Pathophysiology, Dept. of Human Neuromuscular Pathology, Academia of Medical Services of the USSR Third Central Railroad Hospital of the Ministry of Railroads of USSR.
    Specialization: Neurology and Pathophysiology, 1985-1988.
    Clinical Research Assistant, Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy, Academia of Medical Sciences of the USSR, 1989-1990.
    Holistic Physician, Non-government Cooperatives “Your Health, Moscow,” “F.O.T.O.,” Moscow and Sukhumi. Specialization: Holistic Techniques and Russian Folk Medicine, 1989-1991.
    Medical Program Director, Complex (Soviet-American Joint Venture), 1991. Research Assistant, Rudolf Steiner Research Foundation, Redondo Beach, Calif., 1991-Present.
    Faculty Member, Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Santa Monica, Calif., 1998.
    Member: Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists of the Ministry of Health of Abkhazian Autonomic Republic, Sukhumi, 1982-1985.
    Member: Moscow Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists, 1985-1991.

    * These "MD" degrees were earned in countries other than the United States. While holders of these MD degrees appropriately earned them through the educational systems of their respective countries, they are NOT licensed to practice medicine in the United States as a physician or surgeon, and they have NOT been determined by the medical board to be equivalent degrees to those obtained within the United States. The degrees are stated as such to indicate their past education and earned degrees as their credentials for teaching in our program only and should not be imputed to have any licensure to practice medicine in the United States. To determine whether someone is licensed to practice medicine in the United States, please contact the medical board of the State in which you are interested.