Richard E. Hiltner M.D., D.Ht.
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  • Homeopathy
    BA, Rockhurst College, Kansas City, MI, 1966.
    M.D., University of Missouri Medical School at Columbia, 1970.
    Internship at Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, OR, 1970-1971.
    Postgraduate course in Homeotherapeutics, Millersville, PA, 1995.
    Postgraduate course in Homeotherapeutics under George Vithoulkas, Athens, Greece, 1976 and 1978.
    Diplomate of Hoemotherapeutics, American University of Homeopathy, 1978.
    Diploma in Acupuncture, Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine (2,500-hour program), 1988.
    Honorary Doctorate in Homeopathy, Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, London, England, 1994.
    President, California State Homeopathic Medical Society, 1989-present. Medical Director, Ojai Health Institute, 1977.
    Director, U.S. & Canada, Pan-American Homeopathic Medical Congress, 1990.