Virender Sodhi M.D. (Ayu), N.D., *
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  • Ayurvedic Medicine
    B.A.M.S. (Ayurved), Dayanand Ayurvedic Medical University, 1977.
    M.D., Ayurved, Dayanand Ayurvedic Medical University, 1980.
    N.D., Bastyr University, 1988.
    License: Naturopathic Doctor, State of Washington.
    Fields of Specialization: Ayurvedic Medicine.
    Professor, Dayanand Ayurvedic Medical University, 1980 - 1986.
    Faculty Member, Bastyr University, 1988 - present.
    Founder and Instructor, Sri Chinmoy Institute of Ayurvedic Sciences.

    * These "MD" degrees were earned in countries other than the United States. While holders of these MD degrees appropriately earned them through the educational systems of their respective countries, they are NOT licensed to practice medicine in the United States as a physician or surgeon, and they have NOT been determined by the medical board to be equivalent degrees to those obtained within the United States. The degrees are stated as such to indicate their past education and earned degrees as their credentials for teaching in our program only and should not be imputed to have any licensure to practice medicine in the United States. To determine whether someone is licensed to practice medicine in the United States, please contact the medical board of the State in which you are interested.